I'm the former New York Bureau Chief for CityLab, a site about urban life run by The Atlantic magazine. I became a regular contributor when the site launched in September 2011 (then as The Atlantic Cities), and edited the Future of Transportation series that ran in 2014 (as well as the accompanying e-book). I've linked a selection of memorable or popular posts below, in no particular order.

The First Look at How Google's Self-Driving Car Handles City Streets / Google's New Self-Driving Car Is About to Hit the Streets / Can a New Urban Highway Avoid the Mistakes of the Past? / Transit Projects Are About to Get Much, Much Easier in California / The Incredible Rise of Off-Peak Public Transportation / The Plan That Could Finally Free New York City From Traffic Congestion / Downtown Cleveland Is Turning a Traffic Hub Into a Public Park / The Cracks in Chicago's Grand Plans for the Bus

77 Ways to Design the Letter 'M' / The World's 15 Most Complex Subway Maps / 18 Reasons America Should Adopt a Per-Mile Driving Fee / Why More Northeast U.S. Travelers Take the Train Instead of a Plane, in 2 Charts / 10 Tired Traffic Myths That Didn't Get a Rest in 2015 / 7 Fun Facts About the New York Subway’s New 7 Train Extension / How San Francisco Got Its New Rider-Friendly Transit Map / 5 Anti-Bike Arguments That Should Be Retired / 7 Benefits and 1 Huge Problem With a World of Driverless Taxis / 5 Subway Lines New York Hasn't Built But Should / All the Ways Germany Is Less Car-Reliant Than the U.S., in 1 Chart

The Ideal Commute Is Not Actually No Commute / The Real Reason U.S. Gas Is So Cheap Is Americans Don't Pay the True Cost of DrivingWhy the People in Charge of Transit Systems Should Be Required to Actually Ride Transit / What France Can Teach U.S. Cities About Transit Design / Strange As It Seems, Cycling Haters Are a Sign of Cycling Success / When Adding Bike Lanes Actually Reduces Traffic DelaysImagine: A World Where Nobody Owns Their Own Car / Public Transit Is Worth Way More to a City Than You Might Think / A New Yorker’s (Sadly Lopsided) Scorecard of Tokyo TransportationWhy Are There Still So Many Train Stations Named Penn Station? / Every City Needs Hong Kong's Brilliant Baggage-Check System / The Strongest Case Yet That Excessive Parking Causes More Driving / Why Aren’t Urban Planners Ready for Driverless Cars?The Complete Business Case for Converting Street Parking Into Bike LanesHow Panasonic Turned Car Commuters Into Transit RidersThe Study That Brought Down Volkswagen / An Unusual Objection to Less Parking: It Will Make Our City Too Nice / A Wonderfully Clear Explanation of How Road Diets Work / The Clearest Explanation Yet for Why Millennials Are Driving Less / Where Electric Vehicles Actually Cause More Pollution Than Gas Cars / The Myth That Everyone Naturally Prefers Trains to Buses / America's Infrastructure Crisis Is Really a Maintenance Crisis

The Real Source of America's Urban Revival / Why the Wealthy Have Been Returning to City Centers / Why People In Cities Walk Fast / The Neuroscience of Car Dependence / City Life Changes How Our Brains Deal With DistractionsIs Google Maps Changing Our Behavior? / How You Cross the Street Largely Depends on Where You're FromWhich Mode of Travel Provides the Happiest Commute? / The (Pretty Much Totally) Complete Health Case for Urban Nature / Why the Trip Back Always Feels Shorter / The Universal Pleasures of 7 PM / The Science of Cities Applies to Ancient Mexico, Too

The Geographic Legacy of 'Seinfeld' / The Staggering Geography of Bob Dylan's 'Never Ending Tour' / How Highway Construction Helped Hitler Rise to PowerWhat Can I Realistically Do About My Neighbor Who Has Really Loud Sex?What Tokyo Looked Like in 194530 Things 'Back to the Future II' Got Right or Wrong About October 21, 2015 / 7 Transportation Plot Lines Better Than the High-Speed Rail Scheme in 'True Detective'

Q & A's
The Remarkable Turnaround of Atlanta Public Transit (Keith Parker) Maryland's Governor Explains his War on Sprawl (Martin O'Malley) / A Chat with Amtrak's CEO on the State of U.S. Passenger Rail (Joseph Boardman) / The Mayor of Phoenix Talks About Better Transit in a Car-Reliant City (Greg Stanton) / How to Design a Happier City (Charles Montgomery) / The Suburbs Are Dead, Long Live the Suburbs (Leigh Gallagher) / Explaining Transit's Secret Language (Jarrett Walker) / Why Historical Maps Still Matter So Much, Even Today (David Rumsey) / The Fascinating History of New York and Boston's Race to Build a Subway (Doug Most)