I previously wrote an occasional column for Fast Company Design called Evidence, which looked at what the science says about creativity, business innovation, and all things design—from tech to urban to commercial. You can find a full list of columns here, and a selection of some favorites below.

Morning People Vs. Night Owls: 9 Insights Backed By Science / Everything Science Knows Right Now About Standing DesksThe Science Of Comic Sans / The Science Of A Great Subway MapWant To Be More Productive? Buy Some Desk Plants / The Science Of Cool / Why Creativity Thrives In The DarkThe Science Of Politely Ending A ConversationThe Neuroscience Of "Harry Potter"Why It's So Hard To Detect Emotion In Emails And TextsThe Case For Letting Employees Choose Their Own Job TitlesThe Neuroscience Of Emoticons6 Scientific Reasons You Can't Stop Looking At Ruin PornThe Next Big Thing In Urban Planning? Backyard CottagesThe Fascinating Neuroscience Of ColorWhy We Love Top 10 ListsThese Scientists Studied Why Internet Stories Go Viral. You Won't Believe What They FoundThe Science Of Comic StripsWhy Our Brains Love Curvy Architecture

I've also contributed to a number of other publications over the years. Again, some highlights below, these in roughly chronological order.

The Water Next Time (The Atlantic) / The Urban Future of the American Suburb (The Atlantic) / Gen. Patton's 1943 Memo Accusing Mental Casualties of Cowardice (Slate) / Why Wait? The Science Behind Procrastination (APS Observer) / Building a Fearless Mind (APS Observer) / Awfully Funny (APS Observer) / What Do Men Really Want? (Psychology Today) / How the Post Road wrote New England’s history (Boston Globe) / The Road That Paved the Way to Revolution (New York Post) / The 'contagion' of social networks (Los Angeles Times) / Debate over cognitive, traditional mental health therapy (Los Angeles Times) / Interview: Daniel Gilbert (Smithsonian) / Good Gone Wild (Science News) / My Brain Is a Walnut (Slate) / Fishy Business (Boston)